Take control of your email marketing!

The law states that if you participate in direct email marketing you must provide a valid email address where conumers can opt out from receiving further emails. Many businesses do this manually which can take a lot of time and effort.

If your business needs an easy opt out process that will provide you and your affiliates with a suppression list then No More Emails is exactly what you need.

With No More Emails you'll never have to worry about missing opt outs again.

What do we do?

Manage your
Send you
Suppresion Lists
Help you
Stay Compliant


  • We provide you with a unique No More Emails url
  • You attach this link to all email marketing carried out for your brand.
  • Whenever a consumer chooses to opt out from your marketing, their unsubscribe request is logged in your No More Emails account.
  • You are notified of the opt-out and so are any affiliates you work with
  • The consumer's opt out process involves them having to verify their email in order to prevent fraudulen opt outs.
  • You are informed of when they opted out and when they verified their email address.
  • The consumer receives notification of a successful opt out, and their email address is added to your suppression list which is automatically sent to your affiliates.


  • Ensures you and all your affiliates have suppression lists from your marketing campaigns.
  • Real time updates.
  • Saves manual handling of opt-out and suppression lists.
  • Cuts out fraud by requiring verification of email addresses for opt out.
  • Protect your brand with a reliable automatic opt out service.